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Jerred Brown(non-registered)
Always love coming to check out your photos for inspiration for new ideas. Always leaves me wanting to go backpacking every time!
Tony Valim(non-registered)
Spencer it was nice talking to you this AM. Your images are terrific. Powers are stunning. I also really like your landscapes. In some you combine wild flowers within a beautiful landscape.
Nicely done

I love the four motion shots. Almost makes me dizzy. Very beautiful. i especially like the second to last one! Great creativity dude.
love the new pics. Great job!
Linda Swayne(non-registered)
Your art continues to thrill me with perspective and beauty.
Laura Keber(non-registered)
I haven't been on your website for awhile so I had to check in to see what you have been up to. Sure glad that I did; awesome photos Spencer!
love the new pics. Lori and I are considering a couple but leaning towards castle lake autumn. stay tuned..
Nice work, Spencer. I hope you'll be able to find lots of new ones during our during our Saturday morning outings.
Ted Dykstra(non-registered)
I love the natural beauty, keep up the good work.
AWESOME!!! Love the native plant stuff. Wish you the BEST!
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