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Flowers and the Groove

March 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

March 17, 2015




Spring is right around the corner! That is really only based on actual calendar dates, spring is full force in Chico, California. With the coming of spring has come the subjects that have been a muse of mine since I picked up a camera. The flowers that I took somewhat of a break from last year are lighting the photographic juices this year. Seems that a year of landscapes revitalized my creativity for flowers. It has been productive already! This year so far I have created images that have been deeply satisfying on a personal level, I feel as if the groove for flowers has come back, with the additional benefit of being better able to add them as a compositional element in landscape photography. See below for an example.


Clematis & CloudsClematis & CloudsFlowers and landscape!


Foothill SplendorFoothill SplendorAperture effects, flowers and a grand vista.


Of course I have not forgotten about the up-close flowers, some of which so far have been firsts for me. It has been a productive couple of months, 4 types of fritillary (one not shown), including 2 rare species. The most exciting so far was being able to finally locate the Adobe Lily (Fritillaria pluriflora) pictured below.


Pastel SpringPastel SpringAdobe Lily (F. pluriflora)


Adobe LilyAdobe LilyAdobe Lily (F. pluriflora)


There have been new equipment purchases as well. A large sensor pocket camera and a tripod that is perfect for macro. The tripod allows angles that previously were unattainable, while the pocket camera allows spur the moment photography. The image below is one such instance.


Bear Hole CenturyBear Hole CenturyEOS-M image capture


In all it has been great start to the year!


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