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The Best of 2014

December 31, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

December 31, 2014


Here are the 10 photographs from 2014 that I consider to be the best of the year. Each one will have information about why I feel it makes the list.


10. Spring Splendor - For many years I have been attempting to find a lupine composition that showcases the overwhelming abundance they can produce when the conditions are right. This year on Table Mountain the conditions were right.


Spring SplendorSpring Splendor


9. Welcome Winter - Another successful attempt at creating an image, but this time using a sun star created by using a small aperture.


Welcome WinterWelcome Winter


8. Succession - I love how the Autumn grass is taking over the dead and fallen conifer. The light was spectacular for this particular image as well.




7. Alabama Hills & Sierra Crest - The Eastern Sierra, a magical place where a stunning images awaits around each stone. Strong foreground and background make this image a keeper.


Alabama Hills & Sierra CrestAlabama Hills & Sierra Crest


6. Spring Defined - This is what I picture when I think of Spring in the California foothills. Iconic lupine and oak trees in their full glory hammers home what spring is about.


Spring DefinedSpring Defined


5. Mono Lake Masterpiece - I love this image. To me this showcases that unique images can still be created in cliche locations.


Mono Lake MasterpieceMono Lake Masterpiece


4. Sulfur Works Sunset - An image that displays both being at the right location at the right time, as well as the limitations of what can be done with a single digital capture and proper editing techniques.


Sulfur Works SunsetSulfur Works Sunset


3. Lassen Peak Spring - The result of many trips to the same location to capture one image. Finally after many years trying it all came together in this image.


Lassen Peak SpringLassen Peak Spring


2. Wisp - This image was the result of a fleeting moment while climbing a mountain. Stopped to rest, turned around to check out the view and noticed this fast moving cloud and fired a burst of 4 images, this one turned out. Probably my favorite of the year.




1. Sierra Wave - I truly believe that this one speaks for itself. Mount Whitney tightly framed by the Mobius Arch, Eastern Sierra, California.


Sierra WaveSierra Wave


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