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The Fog of Fall

September 30, 2013 - September 30, 2013 Night Autumn seems to be here to stay. Nature is showing all of the signs. Cooler days, the mix...
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The Wraiths

September 29, 2013 - Three trees long gone, contrasting the green ranks just behind.
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Serpentine Autumn

September 28, 2013 - Autumn at the serpentine barrens. Muted colors indicating the movement to dormancy.
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Autumnal Color Flux

September 26, 2013 - The annual change from verdancy to dormancy.
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September 24, 2013 - September 24, 2013 Night The post titled "Preview" alluded to a journey from two years ago. In June 2011, Dalynn a...
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Last Day of Summer

September 22, 2013 - September 22, 2013 Morning Of course today is the first day of Autumn! Yesterday Dalynn and I went to enjoy the ra...
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A Preview

September 21, 2013 - An image from a series taken 2 years ago. Full post to follow later. Anyone know where this is?
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From the Archives X

September 16, 2013 - September 16, 2013 Noon Here we are with another installment of from the archives. This time it is of an image I t...
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Oxidative States

September 15, 2013 - The colors of oxidation.
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Coil & Leaves

September 08, 2013 - The bloom of a Datura displaying multiple spirals. How many do you count?
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Summer Remnants

September 06, 2013 - Signs of late summer. Doveweed, Leaves, and Dry Grass at the Pine Creek Unit.
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